About Us

Finally, a moment to sit and write about myself. Not the easiest thing to do!

Hi, I’m Michala Mitchell and this is my partner (in all aspects), Dave Mitchell! We are The Wedding Chaperone! I’ve always had a love for weddings, but was always too preoccupied to figure out where to start. I love the look of beautiful flowers, which definitely comes from the Robison side of my family, as my uncle Mike is a florist at Flower Buds! I also adore the colors, the beautiful dresses and just the overall feeling a wedding event gives off. Most of these reasons would be the main factor behind my drive to pursue a career in this industry.

I have always had a love for decorating, fashion and pretty things, so when I started The Wedding Chaperone, I was able to have access to all these lovely items. Dave has been such an asset and has added so many positives to the business, but he mainly excels in marketing, listening and carrying heavy things!

The Wedding Chaperone focusses mainly on Day-of Coordination, which I think works for every type of couple. Being extremely organized, and having Dave there to support me has made us very successful and makes us love what we do! I also offer full-service wedding planning, which is just as fun- it’s like planning my wedding, except for someone else!! Every couple’s vision inspires a new vision for me!

The Wedding Chaperone xo