IKEA + Weddings = Savings!!!

Back again!

How ya’ll doing? Yup, just over here pretending to be cool with my slang talk…..ANyways! So how do y’all like the cosmetic uplift of The Wedding Chaperone???To be honest, I am so satisfied! I spent three full nights sitting on my computer with the WORDPRESS support chat line, as they helped me manoeuvre through things I was clueless about! I now feel a little more confident to do a few things on my own, however now that I know the support line is available, Ima use them!!

Okay, back to the blog post! So, I have subscribed to endless articles, blogs and wedding magazines, not just for myself, but so I can compile tidbits of information that I can share with you!! I found this cute article that I thought was only fitting for newly engaged couples who may be from the maritimes, because Halifax has just opened IKEA for the second time! This article has great little pointers of some of the cheapy cheapy items that IKEA offers- that are totally appropriate to incorporate into your wedding as decorations, favors or signs!

Check out the article, and who knows, perhaps there is a quick trip to IKEA in your future..:)

Ps- those gold frames..!!!!! I want those for my house!!



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