Shredding for the Wedding

There seems to be a big misconception that brides need to completely transform their bodies into something miraculous for their special day! But why?! I mean, yes, being healthy, looking good and feeling good are all key factors to having a wonderful day- but what about just making goals and following a routine to follow a healthy lifestyle..which in turn can lead to a very special day!

Easier said than done! And while we can talk about this till we’re blue in the face, there are still so many ideas out there that continue to prove that wedding couples must look picture perfect. I suppose if we have to follow these trends, we mazal do it in a fun way! Check out these different workout ideas that can help shredding for the wedding be more fun than not!


The Proposal

Well folks! It finally happened! This girl got engaged to that goofball that I spam my Instagram with of nonstop, unedited photos… and it is awesome! I’ve been meaning to get on here and tell you my story, but as some of you may know, I’m working on getting another business (Belle Aisle) up and running and sometimes the baby gets all the attention…if ya know what I mean!

So. Let’s rewind a couple months to our March Break trip in California! As some of you may know, I love fashion, so when it comes to trips…I do all the packing, including Dave’s suitcase! And after spending 7 years together, and travelling on many vacations (to various ‘perfect’ proposal locations) I had zero thought or suspicion that it would happen on this trip! PLUS, I had packed his suitcase…and was sure there was no ring!

Boy, I was wrong! He someone how managed to not only slip the ring box into his suitcase, but the laminated signs he used during the proposal, without me knowing!

It’s so funny, because after it happened, I wanted to hear all the details of how it came about and I actually died laughing when he told me the entire process from getting the ring to actually proposing!

In the beginning, his plan was to propose in San Francisco down at Fisherman’s Wharf, before we went on our Alcatraz tour. Little did he know that it’s not a very picturesque part of the city down there. Regardless, that was his plan, so on the morning we were leaving for our tour, he pulled the ole “Oh I forgot my credit card in the room, I’ll be right back” stunt. Little did I know he was running back up to grab the ring AND stick the 12 laminated signs that were about the size of his torso, down his pants and up his shirt.

Not only did he have them under his clothes on that windy, chilly day in San Fran, but he walked around with them in there for 4 hours!!! Partly because he had changed his mind once we arrived at Fisherman’s Wharf, but also because it was so damn windy that he didn’t want the signs to blow away. Nonetheless, here’s me- still unaware that anything is happening, except for the odd thought that he was kind of walking funny every now and then… but in the end I summed it up to Dave being quirky, ole Dave.

Fast forward two days, and we’re in Napa. Dave’s still acting a little funny, but again, in my head I’m like that’s just Dave. We had stayed at this cute little cottage-y Inn, and the morning we were leaving he says “let’s get a picture!” Of course, I’m all dressed, hair freshly washed and done (still oblivious to my surroundings…and totally focusing on myself and looking presentable because we’re in California!)…so I say “okay- sure!” As he gets in the car…I’m like OOoohhhh okay, he means like let’s find a spot to get a picture along the way. So I get in the car, put on my buckle and off we go.

All of sudden, three seconds down the driveway towards the exit of the Inn, he whips into a parking space and says “let’s get one right here!” I literally am like “What? Right here?”…*insert a sigh, a roll of the eyes and a grunt because I have to now take my buckle off* but I continue to get out of the car. At the exact same time, he gets out, and then says “I’ll be right back'” and takes off. Again, I’m thinking like ‘wtf is he doing…and omg he’s acting super weird’…so I’m slightly annoyed. But as I walk down the pathway, I’m overcome with the picturesque beauty of what I’m seeing, so I easily ignore the fact that he’s gone for a couple minutes and boil it down to the idea that he’s asking someone inside to take our picture! WELL, I was partly right….

In the midst of me getting glammed up, he had gone into the restaurant and asked someone to videotape the proposal, so when he comes back…I hear “Babe come with me…” and that’s when I see him, the signs under his arm and the server with his camera, already starting the video. *Insert video and my hilarious laughing and crying happening simultaneously, while I kept saying omg what are you doing haha.*

Damn though, he did well! I think my favorite part of the entire proposal was the fact that he was so caught up in getting the video that he never actually said “Will you marry me?” until I said to him “YOU NEED TO ASK ME!!!” and then I made him put the ring on my finger! Like typical Dave…he said he was so nervous that he forgot he needed to ask….plus he was afraid I was going to say no…Crazy fella!

So that’s that! I definitely left out a few parts, but you got the jist of it! And as I sit here and relive those moments, I laugh at how hard he worked to make those signs perfect, and they were! I will keep them forever…along with the beautiful ring he picked out himself….you guys, he seriously nailed it.

As for a wedding date, haven’t even talked about it. Nope…it hasn’t even been discussed…because we are living out our best engaged lives right now!!


Wedding Planning Prep for our First 2018 Wedding

Well folks!

2018 wedding season is upon us! The Wedding Chaperone is super excited and beyond ready to get this summer underway! Here is a little idea of how we prep for the first (and every) event during the wedding season!

  1. Be organized! After I meet with the client for the last official meeting, I make sure all my ducks are in a row; my notes are typed and organized and there are no missing pieces!
  2. The Wedding kit. This kit of tools and goodies is stocked up and should be packed and ready to go for the day-of!
  3. Rehearsal Night! I make sure there is complete satisfaction with how the rehearsal night went! Songs are organized and walking order is figured out!
  4. A good night’s sleep! This girl knows what tired looks and feels like, and when you have a massive day of fun in front of you, a good night’s rest is definitely important!
  5. Food! I ensure I have snacks, water and our meals organized for the entire day. Nothing worse than being hangry!
  6. Clothes! I pick out my best-est black outfit, and have it ready for the next day! I also pick out my assistant’s black outfit- and he irons lol! We wear black just because!
  7. Shoes. I love me my shoes, but dear lord, nothing worse than sore feet! I get those comfy shoes out, and I make sure there are 1 if not 2 pairs for back up!
  8. Last but not least, the wedding kit and notes are double checked, my phone is charged and I make sure I have my clipboard and fanny-pack!
  9. Game time!

Wedding Tips & Tricks (Part 1)

Hey everyone!

I’m trying my best to get better at this blogging business!! Writing blogs are fun…until you look back at all you’ve written and there are so many spelling errors…lol! Spellcheck much?! ANYwaaays…so I’m not sure if ya’ll remember..(and yes, I just came back from Nashville, so ya’ll is still part of my vocabulary!) but a few weeks ago, I opened up the floor to questions for any wedding couples out there who had some ‘wedding planning’ inquiries!

I compiled a list of a few of them, and decided to answer them a little more in depth on here! Easier for you to see the entire response, and who knows… maybe this will help you check off some of those questions you may have had!

Here are a few of the questions I was asked:

~ Real vs. fake flowers?

Well, I will be completely honest…in my everyday life, I love and use both. I have fake decor ‘flowers’ and real flowers in my house, but due to the mere fact that I was brought up with an uncle who is a florist, and a great uncle who owned a flower shop, I’m dedicated to the real kind. In saying that, I’m not oblivious to the cost when it comes to a wedding, and to each their own because that can be a real deterrent! So, moral of the story- you do you! Every bride has that one item they wish to spend more money on. If you don’t need the real flowers…put that cash elsewhere! If you’re still on the fence, check out some wildflower farms, or Costco who may carry a cheaper version, and if you’re still meh and don’t really care either way…hit up that dollar store baby!

~Nail appointments for my girls…when to book them?

I say book them when you know! It’s never too early to be organized. Usually a credit card is required, but ensure that you have until at least the week before to cancel or switch things around, just in case!

~Self tanner on my wedding day. Should I?

It’s better than the beds, that’s for sure! Check out this article for all your spray tan needs! In my opinion, it’s definitely a personal choice…but if you think a little bit of color is what you need, you do you!

~Don’t forget to pamper the guys!

I had a wedding couple ask me for some ideas to pamper the guys the morning of the wedding! Of course it’s different with the ladies, as it takes a little longer, but I think it’s important for the guys to feel the same way too! I’ve seen some pretty unique ideas the day of, from an early morning tee time (especially if the wedding isn’t until 4 pm, and there is no first look!) to some lawn games with a few bevies. Whatever it is the group decides to do, being pamper should be included! I know on PEI we have a wonderful place called for all those pampering needs! Check them out, or check your local city barber for the same type of idea, totally worth it!
~How much should I spend on a wedding gift? 

This is always a super tough question! Every situation is different, because it depends on a lot. For example, is this the couples first, second or third wedding? Are you close with them? Are you a family member? How much can you afford? From my experience, the traditional rule of thumb is to go by how much the meal would have been per plate. However, as outlined in this article, those trends are changing! If you’re truly concerned, take a read over this article. Danielle Andrews, who is the President of the WPIC (Wedding Planners Institute of Canada) gives some great tips and details on how much to give! But if you’re looking for a quick fix, in my opinion $100 is perfect for two people…unless you feel like spending more! I usually wouldn’t go less than that, and I would definitely never not give ANYTHING!

Just some food for thought! By all means, I know my stuff, but I wouldn’t call myself an expert (yet)! Always learning, and always gaining more insight on all things wedding!

Stay tuned for more blog posts that have all your wedding tips and tricks!

The Next Hustle: Belle Aisle

Hey everyone!

I know, I know, where have I been!!!? I’ve been MIA lately, but oh man life gets so busy eh! Well, no worries, I am back!

Speaking of busy, I have a story for you! Well, it’s not really a story- especially if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, but I’m going to discuss something that I have literally been spamming about on my social media, so: SPOILER ALERT, if you already know about Belle Aisle, this post will be a recap for you!

So! I am starting a new business! Yep, adding on another little side hustle that is focused on something I am so passionate about, fashion! Aside from the fact that I love weddings, I am obsessed with fashion…and have been my entire life! Like seriously, every part of fashion…but one thing I can’t get enough of are wedding dresses- which unlike The Wedding Chaperone, Belle Aisle will be focused on dresses!

Okay! I’ve done a few stories, and posts regarding Belle Aisle, but I’m going to give you an overview of exactly what we’re about!

With the website currently being developed, and a launch date of mid-April in the works, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get some exposure, and get the word out there so when we do launch, we have some followers!

So…here we go!

Belle Aisle is going to be an online, retail platform for wedding couples to buy and sell wedding dresses! These wedding dresses will be ‘loved’, new or sample dresses that will be advertised on our site. (I don’t like the word used, so loved essentially is what they are, right!?). The sellers will fill out an online form that basically describes their entire dress (size, color, designer, measurements etc.), and after agreeing to the terms and conditions (which will disclose that the dress HAS BEEN dry cleaned, and state whether there are any impairments on the dress), you will pay a small fee to close the deal, and then voila- your dress is on the site for the world to see!

We will have two packages for sellers to choose from! One package will allow you keep your dress on the website for about one year and give you the opportunity to post 4 gorgeous pictures of your lovely dress! There will be some stipulations on what the pictures should look like… (gotta keep it classy right?!). The second package (which will cost a little bit more), will allow you post your dress for eternity (or until it’s sold), BUT you will also get to tell your story of how you and your dress became one! With this package you will also get exposure on Belle Aisle’s social media feed AND will have priority on the websites’ home page!

Any communication regarding your dress will happen between you and that person who is interested! So, essentially you are still selling your dress- but using our platform to advertise and get more exposure! There may be an option for Belle Aisle to take over the act of communicating (for the seller), if you as the seller don’t want to deal with the emails OR don’t have the time…but with that, there will be a commission charged. If you don’t require our assistance, Belle Aisle makes zero commission on the sale of your lovely dress!

For buyers, our site will be a really good way for you to find that gorgeous dress, from the comfort of your own computer! Perhaps you just want something simple, you’re getting married again, or you’re on a budget- Belle Aisle will be a great place for you to browse through and possibly find the one! This website will be unique, classy and offer the feel of essentially shopping with your best friend! We will be available for advice, questions or there to help you figure out what will work best on your body type!

Some people say -why Belle Asile? I say, why not?! Some buyers out there don’t have the time, or access to physically shop in a dress store..or perhaps they are looking for something completely wild or unique- that’s different from anything they’ve ever seen! Remember, this is a website so exposure may be worldwide (#goals haha).

For sellers, it’s hard to get that exposure out there, especially if your post gets lost in that FB feed…and why not price your dress at a price that works for you! PLUS- how many brides out there had such a great time in their dress, and actually want another bride to have that same experience, in that same gorgeous dress!

Phew- that was a book!

Anyways, like any new project it will be a work in progress, trying new things out! I just really wanted to explain how it was going to work…so if you were interested when we launch, you might just have a new place to buy or sell a beautiful new or ‘loved’ wedding dress!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more info on Belle Aisle! And as always…thanks for supporting The Wedding Chaperone’s! xo

Party Beats

Hey everyone!

Oh my goodness- how time flies! My posts have been few and far between…my apologies. I’ve been busy doing things that- right now, don’t really seem very important anymore ha ha!

So, January eh…it’s almost over! I’m sure wedding couples who are getting married this summer are in full swing of planning – or perhaps it’s stress mode? Well, don’t panic…there is still a lot of time to get your ducks in a row! Perhaps you need a day of coordinator? #shamlessplug OR perhaps you just need to relax, look at your spreadsheet and realize that you’re doing okay!

Well! If you haven’t been following my FB posts – you should!!!! I have daily posts on tips, tricks and ideas to help you (hopefully) reduce that stress level- or ignite that fire to start planning again…especially if you’ve abandoned it due to life!

ANYWAY, I saw this article and thought it was blog material! I read it earlier today and when I feel like I’m not an expert in certain areas, I like to post about it because usually someone else out there feels the same way?!

One thing as a wedding planner that I know I am not that helpful with is music!!! I love music and I love dancing even more- but I always let others tell me what’s in/cool, and who is the hottest trend. Plus, I’m awful with bands, artists and song names – so unless I hear it – I have no clue what song we’re talking about!

This article I read was great! A popular Canadian DJ posted 10 songs (along with their music video- which I loved…because before iPad’s and iPod’s, I used to try and mimic the dance that the dancers were doing on the music video…#noshame…so that was me this morning) …I digress- so yes, he shared 10 songs that you most definitely need to have on your list at your wedding reception!

I mean, to each their own, of course, but these tunes are catchy and legendary and definitely worth listening to (again)! Check it out!!!


Newly Engaged? Here’s what to do…

Happy New Year!!

Jeepers, it has been a while!!! I love posting mini blogs on my fb page (please follow, they’re so good!!).…but I always forget that it would be just as easy to do the same on my actual blog!!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season and that you’re all rested up and relaxed as much as I am! No joke, I have been hibernating. I always keep myself so busy during my regular scheduled weeks…that this has been amazing. I’ve been lounging in my jammies and eating chips most days! However, today is January 1st, and literally it was like a switch went off. I’m back to my old ways, eating healthy, exercising and running a tight schedule!!

I really wanted to wish all those newly engaged couples out there a huge congratulation! I can only imagine how incredibly exciting this time is for all of you!!! I know it all may seem overwhelming…and like there are million things to do…and that they all need to be done right away, but DON’T PANIC. You have time!!!

As a Wedding Planner, and a friend to many girlfriends who have been engaged, this article on ‘18 Things to Do as Soon as You Get Engaged’ is by far the best set of tips I have found! It not only gives it to you straight, but it helps you focus on you (first and foremost) before you start to get into the nitty gritty of full wedding planning…unless of course you hire a wedding planner (wink, wink), then your job becomes a lot easier!!!

Check it out! xo

Picking That Perfect Dress

Hey everyone!

Happy Sunday! What a week that was…! Time is flying!!! Like next week is December. I feel like I just finished saying, “oh man- next week is November!” Anyway, I’m not complaining because ’tis the season, and I love Christmas!!

So, as you all know, my sister is engaged, and the other day we went dress shopping! Holy moly- what an adventure dress shopping is. Like you need to be prepared, and perhaps have a drink when being introduced and exposed to the plentiful amounts of beauty that is overflowing in those boutiques with style, textures, sparkles and jewels! All the while trying to decide what you like, what you don’t like and what will look amazing on you! All I can say is thank heavens the ladies at Perfect Pear Bridal Boutique in Charlottetown, PEI, know their stuff! They were amazing! Picking and choosing all the right things for my sister- and no word of lie, every single dress looked amazing on her!

I also have to say that I have worked with the ladies out at Caseley’s Bridal Boutique in Kensington- and had the exact same experience! Always so enthralled to work with industry people who are so committed to serving their clients!!

After leaving, I started thinking to myself, when you’re a bride to be- how DO you know where to start when picking a dress? So, I did some research and compiled a shortlist that might just help the next bride when she’s going to pick out that perfect dress!

Of course, these do not need to be in order, because like I always say- different brides have different priorities!

Just a few of my own tips!

  1. Make an appointment! Wherever you live, appointments are needed, and do it early because, why not?!!
  2. Do some research! It always helps to have a few ideas of what you like/don’t like, what you KNOW looks good on you and what you KNOW to stay away from!
  3. Have an idea of price- just in case! Sometimes it doesn’t always work when you find the ONE! But, it’s always good to tell the boutiques- just so they know to stay in that price range!
  4. Wear your nude undergarments and socks…at least for affect!
  5. With so many colors and textures, jewels and sparkles, be savvy enough to know what you want, but be open enough to at least try one or two of the dresses on- that you always thought- ‘hell no, that is not me!’
  6. Keep in mind that the boutique is full of professionals who know their s***, so let them do their job!!!!
  7. Bring some champagne, or something along those lines (if you’re allowed) because, well it helps shake those jitters!
  8. Don’t get discouraged! Not every dress is going to fit or look good, and you’re not going to like every dress you try on! So be honest when you’re picking and choosing, and go with your gut!
  9. Make sure you are prepared to make a payment! Hey, you never know- you may just say ‘Yes to the dress!’
  10. Go with your gut! When you narrow it down, those butterfly feelings and ‘wow’ effect, are the gut feelings that help you decide!
  11. Don’t overthink it! Once it is bought, trust yourself that you bought the right one! Chances are, you’ll have a moment of despair, but embrace it and then move on…and remember tip #9!


Stagette Fun

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to my lovely blog…you know the one that I have been totally slacking on…! (Sorry!) Every day I’ve been thinking I need to write about this, that and the other thing- however time just seems to get the best of me! Ack!

So I’ve been doing a lot of work on my social media, and trying to up my Instagram game…and boy does this social media game cover all components -addicting, frustrating, thrilling, tiring, obsessive, creative you name it, I’ve gone through it. Instagram is like an art…one that you have to be very good at. Anyway, the point of my babble is that it has led me through a lot of the old pictures on my phone. The memories, you guys, of my life that are on my phone are so precious, I just want to brag about all of them, but instead I’m going to boast about my besties! We have been through a lot together: school, university, parties, trips, stagettes, weddings, divorces, and babies…pretty much the whole shebang.

Being so close to all my girls, I’ve had the opportunity to plan (and attend) a few stagettes here and there! So if you’re ever looking for ideas…ask this girl! We’ve done Vegas, Sex in the City theme, cowgirl theme, ladies in black, flower crown fun, Nautical…and so on. I just feel that these stagette parties are so important, not only because it makes that special person feel even more special (lol), but it allows you to not only plan, but participate in some pretty exciting things!

Tips from one amateur planner to another:

  • Never plan anything (big) without asking the Bride herself (just in case)
  • Have the bride make a list of who she wants invited…(just in case)
  • Make sure you give ample notice for all those mamas and working individuals who may have other commitments
  • Plan the best but cheapest events – peeps aren’t rich, but make it look rich…know what I mean!!
  • Make sure the bride does not open her wallet…nothing worse than a Bride buying her own drinks!
  • Fights, arguments, drunkenness and being sick will all occur- as long as the bride is sheltered from those things, you’re fine…if the latter two are with the bride – success! If it’s the first two issues…remove the problem…
  • Do not ever allow ANYONE (mostly the bride) to do anything that her mama wouldn’t do…or her normal self wouldn’t do…or that her future husband would desperately disapprove of
  • Create a theme, enforce the theme, carry out the theme, and end with the theme…that is the point!
  • Always have fun…or pretend 🙂
  • Number one priority is the bride!!!

I can honestly say I have never planned a stag party, nor been a part of one (obviously) BUT from what I hear, I feel like it’s a whole other ballgame and one that is much easier to execute…?!

Here are just a few of the fun times with my girls!! I know I’m missing a few, but they know they’re special to me!!




Take a Moment to Enjoy

Welcome everyone!!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic week! I cannot believe how quickly time is flying- like guys…it’s November, how? That means that for any of you newly engaged couples, you’re going to start having those moments of panic and stress and you’ll think you need to be doing something wedding related every waking second! Well STAAAP!

The first and only thing you should be doing after you get engaged is enjoying the moment, showing off your ring….and reading this blog! (wink, wink). But seriously, relishing the fact that you are engaged and realize that you will have loads of time to organize and plan- so relax.

I came across this article called 100 Wedding Tips!photo1 and as I was reading through it, I thought…this needs to be in a book or Newly Engaged Guide because it is nailing every single important point. Any couple I have ever met, usually starts off our convo with ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’…which is when I pipe in with ‘that’s okay, I do!’ Now mind you, being a wedding planner I should know about most of these tips, however, for all those couples out there that want to execute their own planning independently, using these tips as a guide is key!

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but my little sister who just got engaged has been a rockstar. She started off knowing her budget, what she wanted/didn’t want and the look she was going for. Weddings can be so funny because they bring up all those awkward, unwanted questions like ‘Who do we invite?’, and ‘Who is paying for What?!’ Luckily my sister was aware of these awkward convos that sometimes have to happen so when it came to my advice, she was well ahead of the game.

These tips not only touch on every single wedding tradition, but they give you a little direction as to which route you might want to take when executing and planning your wedding! We all have a little planner within us- so tips are always welcome!! Give it a read, and hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!

How friggen cute are they!!!! This is my sister…enjoying her engagement!!