Wedding Tips & Tricks (Part 1)

Hey everyone!

I’m trying my best to get better at this blogging business!! Writing blogs are fun…until you look back at all you’ve written and there are so many spelling errors…lol! Spellcheck much?! ANYwaaays…so I’m not sure if ya’ll remember..(and yes, I just came back from Nashville, so ya’ll is still part of my vocabulary!) but a few weeks ago, I opened up the floor to questions for any wedding couples out there who had some ‘wedding planning’ inquiries!

I compiled a list of a few of them, and decided to answer them a little more in depth on here! Easier for you to see the entire response, and who knows… maybe this will help you check off some of those questions you may have had!

Here are a few of the questions I was asked:

~ Real vs. fake flowers?

Well, I will be completely honest…in my everyday life, I love and use both. I have fake decor ‘flowers’ and real flowers in my house, but due to the mere fact that I was brought up with an uncle who is a florist, and a great uncle who owned a flower shop, I’m dedicated to the real kind. In saying that, I’m not oblivious to the cost when it comes to a wedding, and to each their own because that can be a real deterrent! So, moral of the story- you do you! Every bride has that one item they wish to spend more money on. If you don’t need the real flowers…put that cash elsewhere! If you’re still on the fence, check out some wildflower farms, or Costco who may carry a cheaper version, and if you’re still meh and don’t really care either way…hit up that dollar store baby!

~Nail appointments for my girls…when to book them?

I say book them when you know! It’s never too early to be organized. Usually a credit card is required, but ensure that you have until at least the week before to cancel or switch things around, just in case!

~Self tanner on my wedding day. Should I?

It’s better than the beds, that’s for sure! Check out this article for all your spray tan needs! In my opinion, it’s definitely a personal choice…but if you think a little bit of color is what you need, you do you!

~Don’t forget to pamper the guys!

I had a wedding couple ask me for some ideas to pamper the guys the morning of the wedding! Of course it’s different with the ladies, as it takes a little longer, but I think it’s important for the guys to feel the same way too! I’ve seen some pretty unique ideas the day of, from an early morning tee time (especially if the wedding isn’t until 4 pm, and there is no first look!) to some lawn games with a few bevies. Whatever it is the group decides to do, being pamper should be included! I know on PEI we have a wonderful place called for all those pampering needs! Check them out, or check your local city barber for the same type of idea, totally worth it!
~How much should I spend on a wedding gift? 

This is always a super tough question! Every situation is different, because it depends on a lot. For example, is this the couples first, second or third wedding? Are you close with them? Are you a family member? How much can you afford? From my experience, the traditional rule of thumb is to go by how much the meal would have been per plate. However, as outlined in this article, those trends are changing! If you’re truly concerned, take a read over this article. Danielle Andrews, who is the President of the WPIC (Wedding Planners Institute of Canada) gives some great tips and details on how much to give! But if you’re looking for a quick fix, in my opinion $100 is perfect for two people…unless you feel like spending more! I usually wouldn’t go less than that, and I would definitely never not give ANYTHING!

Just some food for thought! By all means, I know my stuff, but I wouldn’t call myself an expert (yet)! Always learning, and always gaining more insight on all things wedding!

Stay tuned for more blog posts that have all your wedding tips and tricks!

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