Wedding Planning Prep for our First 2018 Wedding

Well folks!

2018 wedding season is upon us! The Wedding Chaperone is super excited and beyond ready to get this summer underway! Here is a little idea of how we prep for the first (and every) event during the wedding season!

  1. Be organized! After I meet with the client for the last official meeting, I make sure all my ducks are in a row; my notes are typed and organized and there are no missing pieces!
  2. The Wedding kit. This kit of tools and goodies is stocked up and should be packed and ready to go for the day-of!
  3. Rehearsal Night! I make sure there is complete satisfaction with how the rehearsal night went! Songs are organized and walking order is figured out!
  4. A good night’s sleep! This girl knows what tired looks and feels like, and when you have a massive day of fun in front of you, a good night’s rest is definitely important!
  5. Food! I ensure I have snacks, water and our meals organized for the entire day. Nothing worse than being hangry!
  6. Clothes! I pick out my best-est black outfit, and have it ready for the next day! I also pick out my assistant’s black outfit- and he irons lol! We wear black just because!
  7. Shoes. I love me my shoes, but dear lord, nothing worse than sore feet! I get those comfy shoes out, and I make sure there are 1 if not 2 pairs for back up!
  8. Last but not least, the wedding kit and notes are double checked, my phone is charged and I make sure I have my clipboard and fanny-pack!
  9. Game time!

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