The Next Hustle: Belle Aisle

Hey everyone!

I know, I know, where have I been!!!? I’ve been MIA lately, but oh man life gets so busy eh! Well, no worries, I am back!

Speaking of busy, I have a story for you! Well, it’s not really a story- especially if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, but I’m going to discuss something that I have literally been spamming about on my social media, so: SPOILER ALERT, if you already know about Belle Aisle, this post will be a recap for you!

So! I am starting a new business! Yep, adding on another little side hustle that is focused on something I am so passionate about, fashion! Aside from the fact that I love weddings, I am obsessed with fashion…and have been my entire life! Like seriously, every part of fashion…but one thing I can’t get enough of are wedding dresses- which unlike The Wedding Chaperone, Belle Aisle will be focused on dresses!

Okay! I’ve done a few stories, and posts regarding Belle Aisle, but I’m going to give you an overview of exactly what we’re about!

With the website currently being developed, and a launch date of mid-April in the works, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get some exposure, and get the word out there so when we do launch, we have some followers!

So…here we go!

Belle Aisle is going to be an online, retail platform for wedding couples to buy and sell wedding dresses! These wedding dresses will be ‘loved’, new or sample dresses that will be advertised on our site. (I don’t like the word used, so loved essentially is what they are, right!?). The sellers will fill out an online form that basically describes their entire dress (size, color, designer, measurements etc.), and after agreeing to the terms and conditions (which will disclose that the dress HAS BEEN dry cleaned, and state whether there are any impairments on the dress), you will pay a small fee to close the deal, and then voila- your dress is on the site for the world to see!

We will have two packages for sellers to choose from! One package will allow you keep your dress on the website for about one year and give you the opportunity to post 4 gorgeous pictures of your lovely dress! There will be some stipulations on what the pictures should look like… (gotta keep it classy right?!). The second package (which will cost a little bit more), will allow you post your dress for eternity (or until it’s sold), BUT you will also get to tell your story of how you and your dress became one! With this package you will also get exposure on Belle Aisle’s social media feed AND will have priority on the websites’ home page!

Any communication regarding your dress will happen between you and that person who is interested! So, essentially you are still selling your dress- but using our platform to advertise and get more exposure! There may be an option for Belle Aisle to take over the act of communicating (for the seller), if you as the seller don’t want to deal with the emails OR don’t have the time…but with that, there will be a commission charged. If you don’t require our assistance, Belle Aisle makes zero commission on the sale of your lovely dress!

For buyers, our site will be a really good way for you to find that gorgeous dress, from the comfort of your own computer! Perhaps you just want something simple, you’re getting married again, or you’re on a budget- Belle Aisle will be a great place for you to browse through and possibly find the one! This website will be unique, classy and offer the feel of essentially shopping with your best friend! We will be available for advice, questions or there to help you figure out what will work best on your body type!

Some people say -why Belle Asile? I say, why not?! Some buyers out there don’t have the time, or access to physically shop in a dress store..or perhaps they are looking for something completely wild or unique- that’s different from anything they’ve ever seen! Remember, this is a website so exposure may be worldwide (#goals haha).

For sellers, it’s hard to get that exposure out there, especially if your post gets lost in that FB feed…and why not price your dress at a price that works for you! PLUS- how many brides out there had such a great time in their dress, and actually want another bride to have that same experience, in that same gorgeous dress!

Phew- that was a book!

Anyways, like any new project it will be a work in progress, trying new things out! I just really wanted to explain how it was going to work…so if you were interested when we launch, you might just have a new place to buy or sell a beautiful new or ‘loved’ wedding dress!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more info on Belle Aisle! And as always…thanks for supporting The Wedding Chaperone’s! xo

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