Party Beats

Hey everyone!

Oh my goodness- how time flies! My posts have been few and far between…my apologies. I’ve been busy doing things that- right now, don’t really seem very important anymore ha ha!

So, January eh…it’s almost over! I’m sure wedding couples who are getting married this summer are in full swing of planning – or perhaps it’s stress mode? Well, don’t panic…there is still a lot of time to get your ducks in a row! Perhaps you need a day of coordinator? #shamlessplug OR perhaps you just need to relax, look at your spreadsheet and realize that you’re doing okay!

Well! If you haven’t been following my FB posts – you should!!!! I have daily posts on tips, tricks and ideas to help you (hopefully) reduce that stress level- or ignite that fire to start planning again…especially if you’ve abandoned it due to life!

ANYWAY, I saw this article and thought it was blog material! I read it earlier today and when I feel like I’m not an expert in certain areas, I like to post about it because usually someone else out there feels the same way?!

One thing as a wedding planner that I know I am not that helpful with is music!!! I love music and I love dancing even more- but I always let others tell me what’s in/cool, and who is the hottest trend. Plus, I’m awful with bands, artists and song names – so unless I hear it – I have no clue what song we’re talking about!

This article I read was great! A popular Canadian DJ posted 10 songs (along with their music video- which I loved…because before iPad’s and iPod’s, I used to try and mimic the dance that the dancers were doing on the music video…#noshame…so that was me this morning) …I digress- so yes, he shared 10 songs that you most definitely need to have on your list at your wedding reception!

I mean, to each their own, of course, but these tunes are catchy and legendary and definitely worth listening to (again)! Check it out!!!


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