The Proposal

Well folks! It finally happened! This girl got engaged to that goofball that I spam my Instagram with of nonstop, unedited photos… and it is awesome! I’ve been meaning to get on here and tell you my story, but as some of you may know, I’m working on getting another business (Belle Aisle) up and running and sometimes the baby gets all the attention…if ya know what I mean!

So. Let’s rewind a couple months to our March Break trip in California! As some of you may know, I love fashion, so when it comes to trips…I do all the packing, including Dave’s suitcase! And after spending 7 years together, and travelling on many vacations (to various ‘perfect’ proposal locations) I had zero thought or suspicion that it would happen on this trip! PLUS, I had packed his suitcase…and was sure there was no ring!

Boy, I was wrong! He someone how managed to not only slip the ring box into his suitcase, but the laminated signs he used during the proposal, without me knowing!

It’s so funny, because after it happened, I wanted to hear all the details of how it came about and I actually died laughing when he told me the entire process from getting the ring to actually proposing!

In the beginning, his plan was to propose in San Francisco down at Fisherman’s Wharf, before we went on our Alcatraz tour. Little did he know that it’s not a very picturesque part of the city down there. Regardless, that was his plan, so on the morning we were leaving for our tour, he pulled the ole “Oh I forgot my credit card in the room, I’ll be right back” stunt. Little did I know he was running back up to grab the ring AND stick the 12 laminated signs that were about the size of his torso, down his pants and up his shirt.

Not only did he have them under his clothes on that windy, chilly day in San Fran, but he walked around with them in there for 4 hours!!! Partly because he had changed his mind once we arrived at Fisherman’s Wharf, but also because it was so damn windy that he didn’t want the signs to blow away. Nonetheless, here’s me- still unaware that anything is happening, except for the odd thought that he was kind of walking funny every now and then… but in the end I summed it up to Dave being quirky, ole Dave.

Fast forward two days, and we’re in Napa. Dave’s still acting a little funny, but again, in my head I’m like that’s just Dave. We had stayed at this cute little cottage-y Inn, and the morning we were leaving he says “let’s get a picture!” Of course, I’m all dressed, hair freshly washed and done (still oblivious to my surroundings…and totally focusing on myself and looking presentable because we’re in California!)…so I say “okay- sure!” As he gets in the car…I’m like OOoohhhh okay, he means like let’s find a spot to get a picture along the way. So I get in the car, put on my buckle and off we go.

All of sudden, three seconds down the driveway towards the exit of the Inn, he whips into a parking space and says “let’s get one right here!” I literally am like “What? Right here?”…*insert a sigh, a roll of the eyes and a grunt because I have to now take my buckle off* but I continue to get out of the car. At the exact same time, he gets out, and then says “I’ll be right back'” and takes off. Again, I’m thinking like ‘wtf is he doing…and omg he’s acting super weird’…so I’m slightly annoyed. But as I walk down the pathway, I’m overcome with the picturesque beauty of what I’m seeing, so I easily ignore the fact that he’s gone for a couple minutes and boil it down to the idea that he’s asking someone inside to take our picture! WELL, I was partly right….

In the midst of me getting glammed up, he had gone into the restaurant and asked someone to videotape the proposal, so when he comes back…I hear “Babe come with me…” and that’s when I see him, the signs under his arm and the server with his camera, already starting the video. *Insert video and my hilarious laughing and crying happening simultaneously, while I kept saying omg what are you doing haha.*

Damn though, he did well! I think my favorite part of the entire proposal was the fact that he was so caught up in getting the video that he never actually said “Will you marry me?” until I said to him “YOU NEED TO ASK ME!!!” and then I made him put the ring on my finger! Like typical Dave…he said he was so nervous that he forgot he needed to ask….plus he was afraid I was going to say no…Crazy fella!

So that’s that! I definitely left out a few parts, but you got the jist of it! And as I sit here and relive those moments, I laugh at how hard he worked to make those signs perfect, and they were! I will keep them forever…along with the beautiful ring he picked out himself….you guys, he seriously nailed it.

As for a wedding date, haven’t even talked about it. Nope…it hasn’t even been discussed…because we are living out our best engaged lives right now!!


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