Stagette Fun

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to my lovely blog…you know the one that I have been totally slacking on…! (Sorry!) Every day I’ve been thinking I need to write about this, that and the other thing- however time just seems to get the best of me! Ack!

So I’ve been doing a lot of work on my social media, and trying to up my Instagram game…and boy does this social media game cover all components -addicting, frustrating, thrilling, tiring, obsessive, creative you name it, I’ve gone through it. Instagram is like an art…one that you have to be very good at. Anyway, the point of my babble is that it has led me through a lot of the old pictures on my phone. The memories, you guys, of my life that are on my phone are so precious, I just want to brag about all of them, but instead I’m going to boast about my besties! We have been through a lot together: school, university, parties, trips, stagettes, weddings, divorces, and babies…pretty much the whole shebang.

Being so close to all my girls, I’ve had the opportunity to plan (and attend) a few stagettes here and there! So if you’re ever looking for ideas…ask this girl! We’ve done Vegas, Sex in the City theme, cowgirl theme, ladies in black, flower crown fun, Nautical…and so on. I just feel that these stagette parties are so important, not only because it makes that special person feel even more special (lol), but it allows you to not only plan, but participate in some pretty exciting things!

Tips from one amateur planner to another:

  • Never plan anything (big) without asking the Bride herself (just in case)
  • Have the bride make a list of who she wants invited…(just in case)
  • Make sure you give ample notice for all those mamas and working individuals who may have other commitments
  • Plan the best but cheapest events – peeps aren’t rich, but make it look rich…know what I mean!!
  • Make sure the bride does not open her wallet…nothing worse than a Bride buying her own drinks!
  • Fights, arguments, drunkenness and being sick will all occur- as long as the bride is sheltered from those things, you’re fine…if the latter two are with the bride – success! If it’s the first two issues…remove the problem…
  • Do not ever allow ANYONE (mostly the bride) to do anything that her mama wouldn’t do…or her normal self wouldn’t do…or that her future husband would desperately disapprove of
  • Create a theme, enforce the theme, carry out the theme, and end with the theme…that is the point!
  • Always have fun…or pretend 🙂
  • Number one priority is the bride!!!

I can honestly say I have never planned a stag party, nor been a part of one (obviously) BUT from what I hear, I feel like it’s a whole other ballgame and one that is much easier to execute…?!

Here are just a few of the fun times with my girls!! I know I’m missing a few, but they know they’re special to me!!




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