Picking That Perfect Dress

Hey everyone!

Happy Sunday! What a week that was…! Time is flying!!! Like next week is December. I feel like I just finished saying, “oh man- next week is November!” Anyway, I’m not complaining because ’tis the season, and I love Christmas!!

So, as you all know, my sister is engaged, and the other day we went dress shopping! Holy moly- what an adventure dress shopping is. Like you need to be prepared, and perhaps have a drink when being introduced and exposed to the plentiful amounts of beauty that is overflowing in those boutiques with style, textures, sparkles and jewels! All the while trying to decide what you like, what you don’t like and what will look amazing on you! All I can say is thank heavens the ladies at Perfect Pear Bridal Boutique in Charlottetown, PEI, know their stuff! They were amazing! Picking and choosing all the right things for my sister- and no word of lie, every single dress looked amazing on her!

I also have to say that I have worked with the ladies out at Caseley’s Bridal Boutique in Kensington- and had the exact same experience! Always so enthralled to work with industry people who are so committed to serving their clients!!

After leaving, I started thinking to myself, when you’re a bride to be- how DO you know where to start when picking a dress? So, I did some research and compiled a shortlist that might just help the next bride when she’s going to pick out that perfect dress!

Of course, these do not need to be in order, because like I always say- different brides have different priorities!

Just a few of my own tips!

  1. Make an appointment! Wherever you live, appointments are needed, and do it early because, why not?!!
  2. Do some research! It always helps to have a few ideas of what you like/don’t like, what you KNOW looks good on you and what you KNOW to stay away from!
  3. Have an idea of price- just in case! Sometimes it doesn’t always work when you find the ONE! But, it’s always good to tell the boutiques- just so they know to stay in that price range!
  4. Wear your nude undergarments and socks…at least for affect!
  5. With so many colors and textures, jewels and sparkles, be savvy enough to know what you want, but be open enough to at least try one or two of the dresses on- that you always thought- ‘hell no, that is not me!’
  6. Keep in mind that the boutique is full of professionals who know their s***, so let them do their job!!!!
  7. Bring some champagne, or something along those lines (if you’re allowed) because, well it helps shake those jitters!
  8. Don’t get discouraged! Not every dress is going to fit or look good, and you’re not going to like every dress you try on! So be honest when you’re picking and choosing, and go with your gut!
  9. Make sure you are prepared to make a payment! Hey, you never know- you may just say ‘Yes to the dress!’
  10. Go with your gut! When you narrow it down, those butterfly feelings and ‘wow’ effect, are the gut feelings that help you decide!
  11. Don’t overthink it! Once it is bought, trust yourself that you bought the right one! Chances are, you’ll have a moment of despair, but embrace it and then move on…and remember tip #9!


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