Picking That Perfect Dress

Hey everyone!

Happy Sunday! What a week that was…! Time is flying!!! Like next week is December. I feel like I just finished saying, “oh man- next week is November!” Anyway, I’m not complaining because ’tis the season, and I love Christmas!!

So, as you all know, my sister is engaged, and the other day we went dress shopping! Holy moly- what an adventure dress shopping is. Like you need to be prepared, and perhaps have a drink when being introduced and exposed to the plentiful amounts of beauty that is overflowing in those boutiques with style, textures, sparkles and jewels! All the while trying to decide what you like, what you don’t like and what will look amazing on you! All I can say is thank heavens the ladies at Perfect Pear Bridal Boutique in Charlottetown, PEI, know their stuff! They were amazing! Picking and choosing all the right things for my sister- and no word of lie, every single dress looked amazing on her!

I also have to say that I have worked with the ladies out at Caseley’s Bridal Boutique in Kensington- and had the exact same experience! Always so enthralled to work with industry people who are so committed to serving their clients!!

After leaving, I started thinking to myself, when you’re a bride to be- how DO you know where to start when picking a dress? So, I did some research and compiled a shortlist that might just help the next bride when she’s going to pick out that perfect dress!

Of course, these do not need to be in order, because like I always say- different brides have different priorities!

Just a few of my own tips!

  1. Make an appointment! Wherever you live, appointments are needed, and do it early because, why not?!!
  2. Do some research! It always helps to have a few ideas of what you like/don’t like, what you KNOW looks good on you and what you KNOW to stay away from!
  3. Have an idea of price- just in case! Sometimes it doesn’t always work when you find the ONE! But, it’s always good to tell the boutiques- just so they know to stay in that price range!
  4. Wear your nude undergarments and socks…at least for affect!
  5. With so many colors and textures, jewels and sparkles, be savvy enough to know what you want, but be open enough to at least try one or two of the dresses on- that you always thought- ‘hell no, that is not me!’
  6. Keep in mind that the boutique is full of professionals who know their s***, so let them do their job!!!!
  7. Bring some champagne, or something along those lines (if you’re allowed) because, well it helps shake those jitters!
  8. Don’t get discouraged! Not every dress is going to fit or look good, and you’re not going to like every dress you try on! So be honest when you’re picking and choosing, and go with your gut!
  9. Make sure you are prepared to make a payment! Hey, you never know- you may just say ‘Yes to the dress!’
  10. Go with your gut! When you narrow it down, those butterfly feelings and ‘wow’ effect, are the gut feelings that help you decide!
  11. Don’t overthink it! Once it is bought, trust yourself that you bought the right one! Chances are, you’ll have a moment of despair, but embrace it and then move on…and remember tip #9!


Stagette Fun

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to my lovely blog…you know the one that I have been totally slacking on…! (Sorry!) Every day I’ve been thinking I need to write about this, that and the other thing- however time just seems to get the best of me! Ack!

So I’ve been doing a lot of work on my social media, and trying to up my Instagram game…and boy does this social media game cover all components -addicting, frustrating, thrilling, tiring, obsessive, creative you name it, I’ve gone through it. Instagram is like an art…one that you have to be very good at. Anyway, the point of my babble is that it has led me through a lot of the old pictures on my phone. The memories, you guys, of my life that are on my phone are so precious, I just want to brag about all of them, but instead I’m going to boast about my besties! We have been through a lot together: school, university, parties, trips, stagettes, weddings, divorces, and babies…pretty much the whole shebang.

Being so close to all my girls, I’ve had the opportunity to plan (and attend) a few stagettes here and there! So if you’re ever looking for ideas…ask this girl! We’ve done Vegas, Sex in the City theme, cowgirl theme, ladies in black, flower crown fun, Nautical…and so on. I just feel that these stagette parties are so important, not only because it makes that special person feel even more special (lol), but it allows you to not only plan, but participate in some pretty exciting things!

Tips from one amateur planner to another:

  • Never plan anything (big) without asking the Bride herself (just in case)
  • Have the bride make a list of who she wants invited…(just in case)
  • Make sure you give ample notice for all those mamas and working individuals who may have other commitments
  • Plan the best but cheapest events – peeps aren’t rich, but make it look rich…know what I mean!!
  • Make sure the bride does not open her wallet…nothing worse than a Bride buying her own drinks!
  • Fights, arguments, drunkenness and being sick will all occur- as long as the bride is sheltered from those things, you’re fine…if the latter two are with the bride – success! If it’s the first two issues…remove the problem…
  • Do not ever allow ANYONE (mostly the bride) to do anything that her mama wouldn’t do…or her normal self wouldn’t do…or that her future husband would desperately disapprove of
  • Create a theme, enforce the theme, carry out the theme, and end with the theme…that is the point!
  • Always have fun…or pretend 🙂
  • Number one priority is the bride!!!

I can honestly say I have never planned a stag party, nor been a part of one (obviously) BUT from what I hear, I feel like it’s a whole other ballgame and one that is much easier to execute…?!

Here are just a few of the fun times with my girls!! I know I’m missing a few, but they know they’re special to me!!




Take a Moment to Enjoy

Welcome everyone!!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic week! I cannot believe how quickly time is flying- like guys…it’s November, how? That means that for any of you newly engaged couples, you’re going to start having those moments of panic and stress and you’ll think you need to be doing something wedding related every waking second! Well STAAAP!

The first and only thing you should be doing after you get engaged is enjoying the moment, showing off your ring….and reading this blog! (wink, wink). But seriously, relishing the fact that you are engaged and realize that you will have loads of time to organize and plan- so relax.

I came across this article called 100 Wedding Tips http://www.bridesmagazine.co.uk/inspiration/iconic-galleries/2011/12/100-wedding-tips/gallery#!photo1 and as I was reading through it, I thought…this needs to be in a book or Newly Engaged Guide because it is nailing every single important point. Any couple I have ever met, usually starts off our convo with ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’…which is when I pipe in with ‘that’s okay, I do!’ Now mind you, being a wedding planner I should know about most of these tips, however, for all those couples out there that want to execute their own planning independently, using these tips as a guide is key!

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but my little sister who just got engaged has been a rockstar. She started off knowing her budget, what she wanted/didn’t want and the look she was going for. Weddings can be so funny because they bring up all those awkward, unwanted questions like ‘Who do we invite?’, and ‘Who is paying for What?!’ Luckily my sister was aware of these awkward convos that sometimes have to happen so when it came to my advice, she was well ahead of the game.

These tips not only touch on every single wedding tradition, but they give you a little direction as to which route you might want to take when executing and planning your wedding! We all have a little planner within us- so tips are always welcome!! Give it a read, and hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!

How friggen cute are they!!!! This is my sister…enjoying her engagement!!



..And Chic She Is!

Good morning everyone!

I hope you’re all having a good week, and you’re not ill from eating too much Halloween candy. Raise your hand if you bought enough candy for a small army, ate half of it before the kids arrived at your door…only to go and buy more ..without really knowing how many kids you will actually get…and are praying you’re not stuck with all of it at the end of the night. Doh! I guess when you’re new to the neighborhood, it’s better safe than sorry!

Okay- my blog title! You’re wracking your brains, trying to figure out what on earth I’m going to talk about! Well, you’d never guess WHO I’m going to talk about, but after this post, you’ll want to follow her every move! This girl is not only one of my oldest friends, but she is the most talented human being I have ever met!!! He CV includes Science fair superstar (yaaahhh, I’m going waaay back!), Swim instructor, Bartender Extraodinaire, Nic-U Nurse turned Flight Nurse, Nurse Practitioner Master’s Student, Sephora Guru, DIY EVERYTHING, Blogger, Coffee Lover, Black Cat Owner, Amazing Cake Baker, Lip Sense Lover….and seriously the list goes on. But…like how can one individual do so many things…so well!

This chick just has it! She started blogging a few years back, and has just continued to grow her love and passion for all of the above! I had to send her a shoutout, because her talent deserves to be recognized!

First off: her blog, https://shabbyyetchic.com/ contains so much useful information. If you’re not pulled in by the beauty pictures or meaningful quotes, the content in the post is enough to motivate you to just be better, or do something fun!IMG_895F4375810E-1.jpeg

The second item I wanted to brag about (because she’s one of my closest friends, I’m allowed to call it bragging), is her passion for makeup and her new love for this awesome product called Lip Sense. https://www.facebook.com/shabbyyetchiclips/. I have one of these stunning colors, and I honestly can’t explain how unique this product is. I will put mine on at 7:45am, and by 12:30pm, I’ll check myself out- and voila, the color is still visible! Just add a gloss touch up and you’re ready to go! If you’re at all intrigued, or completely frustrated with the process of reapplying lipstick every time you touch your mouth, check out her Lip Sense page! Ahh-mazing!


The third thing I have to discuss is her talent for cooking and baking! I mean, for someone who spends an enormous amount of time studying, flying in a helicopter and saving babies lives- she sure knows her s*** when it comes to baking! Although she hasn’t marketed herself as a Wedding Cake Baker, I’m secretly hoping after this post she might consider doing it for money!!! She has executed numerous recipes perfectly, but when I saw the photo of her latest wedding cake creation, I thought- this is it! She needs to be recognized!


This girl is beautiful inside and out, and she will do whatever it takes to make sure everyone around her is okay. She’s also been so generous as to give me pointers with my own blog and instagram stories, and I’m so glad I can call her my friend!

I’m telling ya, she’s one in a million!


IKEA + Weddings = Savings!!!

Back again!

How ya’ll doing? Yup, just over here pretending to be cool with my slang talk…..ANyways! So how do y’all like the cosmetic uplift of The Wedding Chaperone???To be honest, I am so satisfied! I spent three full nights sitting on my computer with the WORDPRESS support chat line, as they helped me manoeuvre through things I was clueless about! I now feel a little more confident to do a few things on my own, however now that I know the support line is available, Ima use them!!

Okay, back to the blog post! So, I have subscribed to endless articles, blogs and wedding magazines, not just for myself, but so I can compile tidbits of information that I can share with you!! I found this cute article that I thought was only fitting for newly engaged couples who may be from the maritimes, because Halifax has just opened IKEA for the second time! This article has great little pointers of some of the cheapy cheapy items that IKEA offers- that are totally appropriate to incorporate into your wedding as decorations, favors or signs!

Check out the article, and who knows, perhaps there is a quick trip to IKEA in your future..:)

Ps- those gold frames..!!!!! I want those for my house!!



8 Traditions Millennials are Dropping

Howdy everyone!

Happy Tuesday! Just an FYI, today is one week from Halloween, two months until Christmas Eve and seven months less a couple weeks until my first 2018 wedding (as of now)…but who’s counting!! I love doing countdowns, just like I love following those holiday traditions for each celebration, it always brings that feeling of joy and reminisces!

As I’ve told you before, my sister is getting married, and I’m super excited to help her plan! She’s already got so much figured out, and knows what she wants- but there’s always a few things here and there that I can assist her with -which is nice! Anytime we talk about her wedding, I always think of little things, “traditional” things and wonder if she is or isn’t going to add them into her wedding. For example, the bouquet toss, or the couples cake cutting!

I came across this article that talks about ‘8 Traditions Millennials are Dropping’ nowadays while planning their wedding. Some of these traditions I think -okay, that’s fair, it is a dying practice, but then I’m torn on relinquishing any type of tradition, because aren’t weddings in general the definition of tradition? I don’t know, maybe I’m old school- but part of me feels like anyone who goes through the entirety of wedding, is essentially following some form of a tradition…? No? So why not follow through on all those memorable customs? Tell me your thoughts, perhaps I’m way off…and again, only my opinion.

Regardless, us Millennials (yes, if you are a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century, you’re a Millennial), are the ones that seem to be starting this trend of ‘dropping traditions’. Maybe it is time to change these traditions, and make new ones!? I’m not sure how I feel about that, how about you??


Christmas in October

Welcome back, everyone!

Happy Sunday! Sunday’s were never my favorite because that meant Monday was the next day, but when you’re living on an island that is producing sun shiny days and warm temperatures, how can one complain! So, I’m sure you’re wondering about my post title, aka why am I even mentioning the word Christmas (before Halloween and Remembrance Day), but here’s why: The Grand Victorian!

So, if you have not heard of this beautiful venue, The Grand Victorian is located in the breathtaking village of Victoria PEI, and is nothing short of an absolute gorgeous Wedding venue. Marly and Greg took their vision of turning an old, run down, vacant church into a Wedding venue- and voila, it’s amazing! (here is their website, you have to check it out!)


Okay, back to Christmas- so, this weekend marks the first annual (well I’m not sure if it’s the first, but for me…and the Grand Victorian since this is their first year)…the first annual Victoria Christmas Stroll, and what a beautiful way to celebrate. We attended, and not only does it get you into the Christmas spirit, but it’s a great way to showcase the quaint little town, and the beautiful Grand Victorian!

I’m telling you, if you have even considered a winter wedding, consider it at The Grand Victorian, because they know how to do Christmas right! Heck, if you’re looking for a wedding venue in general, consider Marly and Greg, because what they offer is a guaranteed success and a beautiful day to remember!!

Check out the few pics I took from yesterday, but also the quick little video on my instagram!!