Reception Bliss

Heeeyy Everyone!!!

I had so much fun writing my last entry, I couldn’t wait to make another post!! So, enjoy!

Earlier today, I was going through my pictures, (a little walk down memory lane I guess you could say), and I came across one picture that I decided, rightfully deserved a blog entry!

So to back it up, one wedding I did this summer was in a Yurt! Yep, a Yurt! In case you have never heard of this before (check out the pictures below), it’s like a tent, but not…either way, I was lucky enough to be introduced to this unique structure by one of my beautiful couples. *Side note, for the longest time during our communication, I thought Yurt was an autocorrect for the word tent…* but regardless, no shame on my end- I have it figured out now!

Tents are great! Absolutely perfect for certain people, places and themes- but Yurts, I think, are the up and coming thing!!! These Yurts offer up the most unique and intimate styled wedding- with a touch of class! The inside is decorated beautifully, and while it’s a little bit of a tight squeeze, it fits everyone so perfectly. Mind you, there is a max. number that it can fit, but if your wedding is on the smaller side, and you are considering a tent- check these guys out first!!!

As far as my research has taken me, Yurts are not available to rent on PEI (like having someone put them up and tear them down in any location), but I have seen a few wedding couples hire from away, so it is totally worth looking into! Oh- and if you want to see a bunch of older guys, who may or may not be half in the bag *, try and put together a dance floor of plywood like a puzzle, it’s definitely the most entertaining thing…and yes you are responsible for putting together a dance floor, but only so you can rip it up later …lol!

Here is one link: Little Foot Yurts, located in Nova Scotia! It may not be for everyone, but it is so worth checking out!!

Also, here are a few pictures from the wedding I was talking about:

The first picture is the outside of the Yurt, and how cute are those doors?! The second picture is the ceiling, the lights are stunning (and yes, the entire thing is built up with wood). The third picture are those cute doors again, and the forth picture is that beautiful wedding couple and the plywood- puzzle dance floor šŸ™‚

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