Christmas in October

Welcome back, everyone!

Happy Sunday! Sunday’s were never my favorite because that meant Monday was the next day, but when you’re living on an island that is producing sun shiny days and warm temperatures, how can one complain! So, I’m sure you’re wondering about my post title, aka why am I even mentioning the word Christmas (before Halloween and Remembrance Day), but here’s why: The Grand Victorian!

So, if you have not heard of this beautiful venue, The Grand Victorian is located in the breathtaking village of Victoria PEI, and is nothing short of an absolute gorgeous Wedding venue. Marly and Greg took their vision of turning an old, run down, vacant church into a Wedding venue- and voila, it’s amazing! (here is their website, you have to check it out!)

Okay, back to Christmas- so, this weekend marks the first annual (well I’m not sure if it’s the first, but for me…and the Grand Victorian since this is their first year)…the first annual Victoria Christmas Stroll, and what a beautiful way to celebrate. We attended, and not only does it get you into the Christmas spirit, but it’s a great way to showcase the quaint little town, and the beautiful Grand Victorian!

I’m telling you, if you have even considered a winter wedding, consider it at The Grand Victorian, because they know how to do Christmas right! Heck, if you’re looking for a wedding venue in general, consider Marly and Greg, because what they offer is a guaranteed success and a beautiful day to remember!!

Check out the few pics I took from yesterday, but also the quick little video on my instagram!!

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