Wedding Budget Tips

Welcome! I can’t believe I am finally starting my blog! I have been thinking about writing a blog for a little while, and finally decided it’s time to actually do it! At first, I was nervous, but then I thought- it’s like sharing my journal of ideas, opinions and tips on everything Wedding- for anyone and everyone who wants to read them! How hard can it be…right?!

As you may have noticed, I am a Wedding Planner or better known as the The Wedding Chaperone … hence the website lol, and I love it! I started doing this after a friend asked me initially to be her Day-of Wedding Coordinator. After some major research and web surfing- I realized this needed to happen, and I made it my thing! And, like I said- I LOVE IT!

So, exciting news..!!!! My sister just got engaged and I am beyond thrilled! Not only do I get to help her plan, but I am her MOH!!! Although her and her fiance are quite savvy on what they want and don’t want, I still want to help as much as I can! I always find when brides have a budget, my job becomes a little easier!

I came across this article on the website ‘Brides’ and I thought it was extremely useful, so I only thought it was fair to share with my readers! If you’ve already read it, I suggest reading it again, especially if you’re new to the game 🙂 Enjoy!

P.s.- I especially love #47, Morning Weddings are becoming a thing!!!

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